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UK Mouse Sequencing Programme

UK Mouse Genome-Sequencing Programme is a three year project funded by the UK Medical Research Council in October 1999 aimed at generating 50Mb of Genomic sequence for the laboratory mouse. This programme is adopting a regional and functional approach which will target four 'core regions' on chromosomes 4, 13, 2 and X. For each of these four regions, there are already significant research efforts ongoing within the UK focused on the systematic determination of gene function through mutagenesis and other studies. In addition to the 'core regions', additional smaller projects (e.g. small contigs of BAC clones) will be undertaken on behalf of other research groups. Project proposals are welcomed from UK researchers and will be assessed for suitability by the independent project Advisory Committee. It is estimated that there will be approximately 5 Mb of sequence capacity for additional projects over three years. Projects requiring less than about 0.5 Mb will be given higher priority, to ensure that sequence capacity is distributed widely amongst the UK academic community. Workers requiring sequence information from a larger part of the mouse genome should contact Ian Viney at MRC Head Office.

This UK effort will focus on the rapid delivery of finished, contiguous sequence for these chromosome regions. The availability of high-quality sequence will significantly leverage the research efforts in gene function studies in these four chromosome regions.

In agreement with the principles of data release defined by the international Human Genome Project, all sequence data generated from the core regions and from externally requested BAC contigs will be released to the public database (GenBank/EBI/DDBJ) within 24 hours of assembly into contigs of 2kb or greater.

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