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Mouse Tumor Biology Database (MTB)

The Mouse Tumor Biology Database (MTB) provides electronic access to mouse tumor biology data, primarily focusing on data regarding spontaneous and induced tumors in genetically defined mice (inbred, hybrid, mutant, and genetically engineered strains of mice). The database provides cancer researchers with access to data on mouse models for cancer and includes information such as standardized tumor names and classifications, pathology reports, histopathological images, genetics of the strain, genomic changes in the tumor, strain names, tumor frequency and latency, and references. It also provides links to other related online resources such as the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) Database, the Mouse Phenome Database (MPD), the Biology of the Mammary Gland Web Site, Festing's Listing of Inbred Strains of Mice, the JAX® Mice Web Site, the Mouse Models of Human Cancers Consortium's (MMHCC's) Mouse Repository, and the online version of Mammary Cancer in Humans and Mice: A Tutorial for Comparative Pathology.. The data in MTB come from the published literature, submission of tumor pathology images or slides from investigators, and routine animal health screenings of mouse colonies at The Jackson Laboratory. MTB is designed to facilitate the selection of experimental models for cancer research, the evaluation of mouse genetic models of human disease, the review of patterns of mutations in specific cancers, and the identification of genes that are commonly mutated across a spectrum of cancers. By making such data readily available online, MTB provides the scientific community with a much-needed, easily accessible central resource for rapidly finding and evaluating the ever expanding volume of mouse tumor data.

The MTB database is updated regularly and is publicly accessible free of charge via the World Wide Web (see URL below). User support is available via e-mail, phone, and fax (see below). MTB encourages community participation via contributions of data (contact User Support). Please visit our website:

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