Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative


The Type 1 Diabetes Repository (T1DR)

A Type 1 Diabetes Repository (T1DR) has been established at The Jackson Laboratory. The purpose of the T1DR is to collect and cryopreserve ~150 mouse stocks important to research in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), including, but not limited to, the Nonobese Diabetic (NOD) mouse strain carrying transgenes and targeted mutations (e.g. gene knockouts), NOD stocks congenic for chromosomal intervals containing diabetes susceptibility or resistance loci, as well as disease-related non-NOD stocks. All stocks currently in T1DR colonies are maintained under full barrier housing conditions and undergo genetic quality control, which includes 1) genotyping stocks for described mutations, 2) ascertaining any undesired background genome through a genome scan that may influence results of diabetes studies with an emphasis on all known diabetes susceptibility loci (or Idds), and 3) carrying out relevant diabetes incidence studies. Although the primary mission of the T1DR is cryopreservation, each stock is available for live distribution over a limited period of time.

Current repository holdings may be viewed at the TIDR website ( The website includes information about stock availability as well as an online submission form for investigators who wish to donate a new stock.

Program Contacts:

Dr. Kristin Abraham
Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, NIDDK
TEL: 301-451-8048

Dr. Franziska Grieder
Laboratory Animal Science Program, NCRR
TEL: 301-435-0744