Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative


Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers (MMRRC)

The MMRRC National Network is comprised of (currently) four centers that serve as repositories of genetically-altered mice for the biomedical research community. Each center provides the following services:

  • importation, rederivation, and maintenance of submitted mouse strains;
  • storage and resuscitation of mouse embryos or gametes by cryopreservation;
  • baseline pathological and phenotypic characterization;
  • genotyping and genetic quality control;
  • distribution of selected mouse models to the scientific community.

In support of the goals and efforts of the MMRRC network, an Informatics Coordinating Center (ICC) provides the informatics, software, website, and database maintenance functions.

The MMRRC website, provides access to forms for:

  • submitting candidate strains to the MMRRC
  • searching the network for maintained strains
  • ordering mice from any of the nodes
  • registering interest in a strain in development

For additional information about this resource, please visit this website:


Dr. Franziska Grieder
Director, Laboratory Animal Science Program NCRR TEL: 301-435-0744