Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative


Mouse Models of Human Cancers Consortium (MMHCC) Mouse Repository

This mouse repository/distribution resource is located at the NCI-Frederick Cancer Research Center. The Center: (1) supplies mouse cancer models and associated strains and information pertaining to them to the scientific community; (2) accepts mouse models and suggestions of models for inclusion in the Repository from members of the scientific community; and (3) maintains cryopreserved stocks of mouse models and associated strains. Up to three breeder pairs of each available strain may be ordered. The costs varies between $125-$150 per breeding pair.

For additional information about this resource, please visit this website:

Program Contact:
Dr. Cheryl Marks
MMHCC Scientific Program Director, Division of Cancer Biology, NCI
TEL: 301-594-8778

Dr. John Sharp
MMHCC Repository Manager, NCI
TEL: 301-846-1542