Model Organisms for Biomedical Research
Opportunity to Propose New Organisms for Sequencing

National Institutes of Health

First Receipt Date: February 10, 2002
Future Receipt Dates: February 10, June 10 and October 10 Annually

With the achievement of the initial objectives of the HGP, interest in sequencing the genomes of additional organisms has grown enormously. Accordingly, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) believes that it is now appropriate to implement a
competitive process in which the selection of genomes to sequence using NHGRI-supported sequencing capacity is based on investigator or community-initiated proposals and peer review. This document describes a systematic process that NHGRI is
implementing to encourage focus on the scientific issues to be addressed by new sequence data. This will allow all investigators, the sequencers, and the NHGRI to participate in a process for selecting new organisms for genomic sequencing on the basis
of specific, well-defined scientific goals, taking advantage of the rigor and robustness provided by scientific discussion and peer evaluation.

To requests to use NHGRI-supported capacity for the sequencing of the genome of any new organism (except eubacteria, archaea, and plants) for which sequencing has not yet been initiated, please visit this website for instructions:

For additional information about submitting a proposal for the sequencing of a new target genome, please contact:

Dr. Jane Peterson or Dr. Adam Felsenfeld
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