Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative
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RFA on Phenotyping the Mouse Nervous System and Behavior

The aim of this RFA is to solicit applications for research projects to develop objective and standardized criteria and new, cost-effective, high-throughput phenotyping tools and methods to assess specific components of nervous system functions and complex behaviors in the laboratory mouse. Projects supported under this RFA also will apply high-throughput phenotyping protocols to evaluate standard inbred strains of mice, and deposit the data so generated into databases of quantitative behavioral, physiological, pharmacological, and neuroanatomical profiles across different strains. The products of research supported under this RFA will be made widely available to the scientific community. This RFA is part of a broader initiative by seven NIH Institutes and Centers who support neuroscience research to initiate large-scale functional genetic studies and characterize the murine nervous system and behavior. $3 million per year is available for this initiative, which will support 15-20 projects of up to three years duration.

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