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Supportive Care Trial Results

Study Shows First Effective Drug for Cancer Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy
(Posted: 06/13/2012) - Results of a phase III trial (CALGB-170601) show that duloxetine (Cymbalta) effectively treats painful peripheral neuropathy caused by certain types of chemotherapy.

Palliative Care Improves Survival, Quality of Life in Advanced Lung Cancer
(Posted: 09/23/2010) - Patients with advanced lung cancer who received early palliative care experienced longer median survival than those who only received palliative care near death, according to results of a randomized clinical trial published August 19, 2010, in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Several Drugs Appear Effective for Hot Flashes in Men with Prostate Cancer
(Posted: 02/25/2010) - Clinical trial results published online December 4, 2009, in The Lancet, show that an antidepressant and two different hormone therapies reduced the number and intensity of hot flashes in men receiving hormonal treatment for advanced prostate cancer.

Acupuncture Reduces Joint Pain in Some Women with Breast Cancer
(Posted: 02/03/2010) - In a small randomized clinical trial, breast cancer patients experiencing joint pain and stiffness from aromatase inhibitor (AI) treatment reported an improvement in pain from acupuncture.

Video Eases End-of-Life Care Discussions
(Posted: 01/12/2010) - Patients with malignant glioma who watched a video that depicts options for end-of-life care were more certain of their end-of-life decision making than patients who only listened to a verbal narrative and were likely to choose comfort care over aggressive medical care for their end-of-life care preferences, according to an article published online November 30, 2009, in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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