Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative
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RFA on Mouse Genome Sequencing Network

The National Human Genome Research Institute has published an RFA entitled "Network for Large-Scale Sequencing of the Mouse Genome". The purpose of this RFA is to establish a Mouse Genome Sequencing Network that will support the mapping and sequencing of the mouse genome. The goals of the Network are to generate the necessary mapping resources and begin production of a working draft of the DNA sequence of the mouse genome. Applications for both pilot sequencing projects in new groups and the expansion of the capacity of existing sequencing centers are encouraged. The long-term goal of the Mouse Genome Sequencing Network is to complete a high quality DNA sequence of the mouse genome in cooperation with the international mouse research community. $21 million per year is available for funding this RFA. This is a trans NIH initiative. The terms of the grants range from one to three years.

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