Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative
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RFA on Comparative Mouse Genomics Centers Consortium

The purpose of this RFA is to develop mouse models for studying the biological function of genetic variants of DNA repair and cell cycle control genes found in the human population. Mutant mice, protocols, assays, assessment criteria, and other materials and information generated in projects funded under this RFA will be made available to the wider biomedical community for further investigation or application. This is an initiative intended to provide the scientific community with new transgenic and knockout mice models to encourage researchers to study the functional expression of human genetic polymorphisms in the two categories of environmentally responsive genes: DNA repair and cell cycle control. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences anticipates making up to five U01 awards for project periods of five years. U01 application budgets may not exceed $700,000 direct costs in the first budget period. Letters of Intent are due May 12, 2000 and applications are due July 20, 2000.

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