Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative
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RFA on Mouse Mutagenesis and Phenotyping: Nervous System and Behavior

The aim of this RFA is to solicit applications to establish facilities for large-scale mutagenesis and phenotyping of nervous system function and complex behaviors in the mouse. Neuroscience-focused mutagenesis and phenotyping facilities established by this RFA are expected to serve as a national resource by producing a bank of mouse strains that harbor a wide range of mutations affecting murine nervous system function and behavior. Data and biomaterials produced in projects supported under this RFA will be made widely available to the scientific community.

This RFA is part of a broader initiative by seven NIH Institute and Centers who support neuroscience research and approximately $5.5 million (total costs) has been committed in Fiscal Year 2000 to support 2 to 4 mutagenesis centers focusing on genes affecting nervous system functions and complex behaviors.

A public briefing will be held for RFA MH-99-007 and a companion RFA HD-99-007 on June 21, 1999 at the NIH campus in Bethesda, MD. The schedule for both projects has been carefully coordinated. The receipt date for a letter of intent is August 2, 1999, and the application deadline is October 14, 1999. The anticipated award date is August 1, 2000.

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