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News Release

April 19, 2011

Contact: HHS Press Office
(202) 690-6343

Statement from Secretary Sebelius on performance benchmarks for energy and sustainability goals

Under Executive Order 13514, President Obama directed federal agencies to lead by example in clean energy; and to meet a range of energy, water, pollution, and waste reduction targets.

Today, our department released, for the first time, its fiscal year 2010 scorecard on sustainability and energy performance as part of the commitment to open, transparent government. Using this scorecard as a benchmark, we will continue to identify and track the best opportunities to reduce pollution, improve efficiency, and cut costs. In addition, we will use the scorecard to update the 2011 Sustainability Plan, which is due in June and will also be posted on the HHS website.

I’m proud to report that HHS has excelled in almost all of the categories established by the Office of Management and Budget: green house gas Emission reduction targets, reduction in energy intensity, use of renewable energy, and reduction in fleet petroleum use. We will continue to work internally to improve our score’s in reduction in potable water use and sustainable green buildings by making our operations more efficient and prioritizing facilities investments that will result in long term conservation of energy, water and other resources.

At HHS, where we are tasked with protecting the health of all Americans, sustainability goes hand-in-hand with our mission. As a department, we will strive to ensure that the enduring prosperity of all living things continues.

See the scorecard.


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Last revised: May 7, 2011