Organization, Leadership & Staff

Region 7 DirectorThe Office of the Regional Administrator (ORA) is responsible for executing ACF’s key national goals and priorities in our four-state area. The Regional Administrator (RA) provides executive leadership and direction to state, county, city, territorial and tribal governments, as well as to other public and private local grantees to ensure effective and efficient program and financial management.

The Regional Administrator, Patricia Brown, reports to the Assistant Secretary for Children and Families through the Director of the Office of Regional Operations.

Under Brown’s direction, the Office of the Regional Administrator (ORA):

  • Promotes cross-cutting initiatives and interoperability among the ACF regional program offices
  • Enhances regional interests with HHS and other federal agencies to facilitate more effective partnerships and improved customer service
  • Coordinates ACF programs during regional emergencies (such as natural disasters, pandemic flu, or other disasters)
  • Serves as the focal point for public affairs and media contacts