Using Healthy People 2010

Documenting progress can achieve three things. First, it can keep coalition members interested and motivated because they will be able to see real changes in the community that result from the actions of the coalition. Second, it can generate interest from those who have had reservations about or lacked awareness of your efforts, and thus help you broaden your coalition. And, third, it can demonstrate to those who fund community efforts that your initiative is working to improve your community. 

You may be wondering how to use the Healthy People 2010 objectives after you've determined which issues are most important in your community. 

Here are four simple steps you can take:
Step 1 Decide on which issue your community wants to focus its efforts.
How: There are many ways to determine which issue to address. For example, you can talk to your neighbors and friends about what is important to them, or get information about health problems from local health agencies.
Step 2 Get a copy of Healthy People 2010 and identify the objectives that relate to your community issue.
How: Contact your local health department or library or search on the Internet at
Step 3 Use the objectives and background data in Healthy People 2010 to set goals for your community efforts.
How: Pick objectives and information based on your group's understanding of the conditions in your neighborhood or community. Using the help of a health professional, such as a public health officer, is strongly recommended for this step.
Step 4  Begin to design your action plan, based on the objectives you have chosen.
How: Design programs, policies, or activities so that they will help make improvements in the health of your community.

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