Healthy People Consortium Meeting
"Implementing Healthy People 2010"
November 11, 2000

Summary of Breakout Group Discussion Concerning:
Respiratory Diseases

Background -- Overview

The Respiratory Diseases focus area is new to the Healthy People document. Although in the past Respiratory Diseases had been a part of the Healthy People agenda, it had not been compiled into one chapter. The Respiratory Diseases focus area is naturally relatively comprehensive and has been developed through stakeholders in government, private sectors, academia, and public health organizations. This year there were numerous public comments and, in conjunction with work group additions, the Respiratory Diseases chapter expanded to nearly 35 objectives and then later had to be refined to the current 12 objectives. The Respiratory Diseases chapter is divided into three sections: asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and obstructive sleep apnea. 

1. What does implementing Healthy People mean to you?

2. How do you suggest we work with local community groups in implementing the Healthy People 2010 objectives?

3. What are the challenges/barriers to meeting the Healthy People 2010 objectives? And how do you suggest we work to overcome them?

4. What can we do to support the elimination of health disparities among racial and ethnic population groups?

5. How do we measure the progress of Healthy People 2010 in the future? And what is progress?

6. How can we work more effectively with the media in implementing the Healthy People 2010 objectives?

Participants List

Rob Fulwood

Marion Harnois

Bill Jirles

Alan S. Pernick

Sorensen Ramirez
Carson-Tahoe Hospital

Martina V. Taylor,

Ron White
American Lung Association

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