Healthy People Consortium Meeting
"Implementing Healthy People 2010"
November 11, 2000

Summary of Breakout Group Discussion Concerning:
Access to Quality Health Services

This focus area of Healthy People is very broad. Expressed hope that those in the room reflected a broad audience (show of hands indicated that 25 percent were primary care related, 20 percent EMS and LTC, and the rest varied).

Covered Access Objectives

Issues Related to Prevention

Focus on broad, cross-cutting issues (presented overheads of objectives 1-1, 1-2, 1-3). Spoke briefly about these objectives and referenced studies about them.

AHRQ is putting together a companion document on clinical preventative services so that it will be more useful to doctors.

1. Healthy People 2010: there are 67 objectives relating to clinical preventive services.

2. U.S. Preventive Services Task Force: has developed a national guideline clearinghouse (

3. Clinical Preventive Services:

4. Assess receipt of CPS


Why is EMS a part of public health? Because EMS deals with entire continuum of "the big H" health, from preventive services to clinical practice.

What to measure when implementing Healthy People 2010?

Working With Community Groups

Barriers to Implementation

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