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Help Using the NCI Clinical Trials Search Form

  • Posted: 04/17/2009

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Help With Your Clinical Trial Search Results

The Search Results page displays a list of trials that match the criteria that you selected on the search form. On this page, you can:

  • Click on the title of each trial to see a full description, including contact information.
  • Read the trial titles and key information about the trials, as well as select the information you want to see for each trial.
  • Sort the results in various ways and change the number of results you see on each page.
  • Use check boxes to select the trials you want to print in the format you've chosen.


Choosing Display Options

Display options for search resultsDisplay options for search results.

  1. The number of trials that match your criteria and the number of trials displayed per page are shown. You can also see the search criteria that you entered in the search form or choose to hide the criteria.
  2. Use the "View Content For" buttons to choose to see information written for patients and the general public or for health professionals. The health professional trial descriptions have more detailed information and use words that are more technical.
  3. Use the "Display" buttons to select the information you want to see about the trial(s); then click "Go". The search results page will refresh and show the information in the format that you selected.
    1. Choose the "Description" button to see information about the purpose of the trial and other limited details. In addition, you can choose to see this description with the eligibility criteria (the requirements that must be met for an individual to be included in a trial). You can also choose to see the locations for the trial. The information shown in the description differs depending on your choice to see content for patients or health professionals.
    2. Choose the "Custom" button to create a custom display using information from the "Health Professional" trial descriptions written for NCI's PDQ clinical trials registry. This format is not available for the "Patient" version of trial descriptions or for descriptions imported from the National Library of Medicine's database..

    Options to customize display of search results Options to customize display of search results.

    Use the check boxes to select the information you want to display for each trial.

More Options for Displaying Search Results

You can make changes to the order in which trials are displayed and the number of results shown per page. Remember to click the "Go" button to change your display.

Other options for search results display Other options for search results display.

  1. Use the "Sort by" drop-down list to reorder the trials by one of the options listed. By default, the trials are ordered in descending order by phase:
    1. Phase IV
    2. Phase III
    3. Phase II
    4. Phase I
    5. No phase specified

    If you enter keywords as part of your search criteria, the results will be ordered by relevance to the text you entered.

  2. Use the "Show Results per Page" drop-down list to change the number of trials displayed on each page.
  1. Print: To print your search results, use the check boxes at the start or end of each trial description to select one or more trials for printing. Then click on the "Print Selected" button above the list of trials or at the bottom of the page.
  2. Refine Search: Your search results may include trials that are not exactly what you want, or you may wish to change some of your search criteria. The "Refine Search" button above the list of results and at the bottom of the page takes you back to the search form with your original criteria still in place. You may select additional search criteria or change already selected criteria.
  3. Start Over: To start a new search, click on the "Start Over" button above the list of results or at the bottom of the page.