Healthy People Consortium Meeting and Public Hearing
"Building the Next Generation of Healthy People"
November 12 and 13, 1998
Capital Hilton, Washington, D.C.

Educational and Community-Based Programs

Participants discussed many aspects of the Educational and Community-Based Programs draft chapter. Major points that were stressed included the need to show the cross-cutting nature of this chapter if the HP 2010 diagram is revised; the urgent need to develop data systems for the developmental objectives or gaps will persist; and the need for a revised goal statement that reflects the concepts of accountability, access, cultural competence, and planning and coordination within the community across all settings. The group recommended adding definitions such as CBO's and for each of the four settings along with modifications to terms such as community and health education. Participants made several suggestions for additions and clarifications regarding the objectives with two themes that should be reflected in all objectives: the concept of "cultural and linguistic appropriateness" and the concept of "eliminating health disparities".


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