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Training Management Division

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The Training Management Division (TMD) is committed to providing program management to ensure the highest quality, cost efficient training in all programs conducted by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). As such, the TMD serves as the primary point of contact for all FLETC Offices, Divisions, Branches and Partner Organizations (PO's) in matters concerning the management, development or revision of training programs. 

In an effort to continually inform our clients, partners, staff and visitors of the progress of the TMD's projects and initiatives, we dedicate these pages. The TMD objectives are fourfold. First, we continuously review assigned programs. Second, we implement processes for enhancing training consistency, i.e., officer safety and survival, integrated training methodologies, laboratory and practical exercise consolidation and the Unified Training Principles. Third, we continuously research and assist in the implementation of effective instructional methodologies. Fourth, we coordinate and balance the interests of our customers through effective communication, technology, and assistance.


State, Local, Campus, and Tribal agencies:

Information regarding availability of seats, program costs, and/or registration procedures.

Contact Information

Townhouses 382
1131 Chapel Crossing Road
Glynco GA 31524

Phone: 912-554-4770
General Information:

General Information

Program Modifications
Request for Modifications of a Training Program (PDF)
Program Specialist and Training Technician Assignments
Blank Model Schedule Form (Excel)

Training Programs

Center Basic Programs Branch (CBPB)
Center Integrated Programs Branch (CIPB)

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