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Behavioral Science Division

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The staff of the BSD has the responsibility for course development and program coordination for many of the FLETC’s Basic and Advanced programs.  In addition, the BSD staff regularly designs and administers courses in the diverse aspects of human behavior.

Unlike many occupations, the law enforcement professional is placed in situations that are without benefit of accessible supervision and often without any clear written guidelines regarding specific alternatives.  Conditions such as these require the law enforcement professional to make decisions based on training, instinct, and common sense.  For these reasons, a clear understanding of interpersonal skills is necessary, particularly when applied to law enforcement activities.

Major topical course areas taught by the BSD staff are Interviewing for Criminal Investigators, Interviewing for Law Enforcement Officers, and Communications.  Augmenting the classroom lectures and exercises, professional role players are employed to present the students with a variety of realistic interviewing scenarios.  Each scenario is designed to provide a valid test of the students’ knowledge and skills and is video-recorded to allow the students an opportunity to view their own performance.

In other Center programs, the BSD staff teaches a variety of courses designed to enhance law enforcement skills.  Through the development of insight and awareness into human behavior characteristics, a goal of avoiding or resolving conflicts is achieved, and the likelihood of the officer’s safety is increased.  Included among these courses are Authority, Conflict Management, Cross-Cultural Communications, Managing Abnormal Behavior, Critical Incident Stress, Sexual Harassment Awareness, Victim Witness Awareness, and other behavioral science topics.


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Behavioral Science Division
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General Information

Victim-Witness Program
The FLETC Victim-Witness Program is designed to serve as a resource for federal law enforcement officers who assist victims of crime. Our web pages will provide guidance to federal agencies developing programs, list available training and offer useful resources.

Training Programs

Advanced Interviewing for Law Enforcement Investigators Training Program (AILEITP)