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Application Process

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Application Instructions

The following information will provide you with valuable information to assist with completing your online application.

Do Your Research

Start by reviewing each of our career paths by category and job on Within each category and job, you will find positions that the Agency is currently looking to fill. Each area tells you more about the career path in general, including the minimum requirements and salary levels.

Make a note of the position(s) that interest you, as you can apply for up to four (4) positions across occupations. When you are ready to begin the application process, click "Apply Now"  to begin the process.

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Components of the Online Application

Account Creation

The first step in the application process will be to create an account. Once your account is created you will have 3 days to complete and submit your application. At the end of 3 days, whether you submit your application or not, your account will be disabled!

Job Search

First, you will be asked to search for positions by “Category” and “Job”. The information included in this section should mirror the basic information you saw when researching the View All Career Opportunities page.

Apply for the position(s) for which you meet the minimum qualifications, and have a serious interest in obtaining employment. You may apply for up to four (4) positions. A recruiter will review your application and skills, and if an appropriate position is identified you will be contacted.

Applying for additional positions for which you are not qualified, or have no interest in will only delay the assessment of your application, and will not improve your chances of being offered a position.

Once you have selected the position(s) you wish to seek, you can begin the “Application Package”. The package is lengthy and includes completing three separate forms requesting detailed information about yourself.

Note:  If you select additional positions after you begin the application package, you will need to return to the “Expertise” section of the application, as additional information may need to be provided.


The Application requires you to provide information about your:

  • Background
  • Expertise: experiences (including years); knowledge, skills, and abilities; majors and concentrations
  • Work History (current & previous employment)
  • Education
  • Certifications and Licenses
  • Foreign Area Knowledge
  • Military Experience
  • Languages and Proficiency Levels
  • Preferences
  • Attachments: resumes; transcripts; writing Samples (review the position descriptions with the job search carefully, some positions request that you provide a writing sample.)

Personnel Evaluation Form

You will be asked to complete our "Personnel Evaluation Form (PEF)." This form includes information about:

  • Security Clearances
  • Background Investigations
  • Polygraphs
  • Selective Service (if applicable)
  • Military Discharges/Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Employment Issues
  • Drug Use & Activity
  • Violations of Law
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Delinquent Federal Debt
  • Peace Corps Employment/Association

Qualifications Supplement

There is an optional “Qualifications Supplement”. Electing to “Decline” the “Qualifications Supplement” will not negatively impact your application. Should you decide to complete the “Qualifications Supplement”, review all portions in advance, since this form requires that you write an essay of approximately 500 words, along with other questions that require detailed answers.  In some cases, you may be asked to complete this form at a later date in your processing.

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Completion Of Your Application Package

Once you have completed the entire package, make sure to save and/or print your forms.  As you move through the hiring process you may need to refer back to these forms. After you “Submit” your application, your account will be disabled and you will no longer be able to access the data. Once you have saved and/or printed your forms, “Submit” your package for review by our recruitment officers.

Upon successful submission of the package, a confirmation message will appear on your screen.  This is the only acknowledgment that you will receive. DO NOT submit multiple applications; this will only slow the review of your application, and delay processing.

Be prepared to undergo a thorough background investigation examining your life's history, your character, trustworthiness, reliability and soundness of judgment. We also examine your freedom from conflicting allegiances, potential to be coerced, and willingness and ability to abide by regulations governing the use, handling and the protection of sensitive information. The Agency uses the polygraph to check the veracity of this information. The hiring process also includes a thorough mental and physical medical examination in relation to performing essential job functions.

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