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Methamphetamine Investigations

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This class will provide the law enforcement officer with a basic understanding of the methamphetamine culture, methods of use, and distribution of the drug and the effect the drug has on the abuser. The class will also give officers a basic understanding of methamphetamine synthesis labs and equipment used in the manufacturing. Officers will be provided information regarding the potential hazards associated with the potential exposure, fire and explosion caused by chemicals and combination of chemicals found in a clandestine laboratory. Officers will be provided with information regarding the unique dangers faced by children found in meth addicted households, and homes where meth is produced, used and distributed from.

Who Should Attend

Qualified applicants must be full-time, sworn law enforcement peace officers.


This program is being funded by the FLETC’s Rural Policing Institute. Preference for admission into this program is given to non-federal law enforcement officers or other emergency responders working in rural areas. “Rural” is defined as any area outside of a metropolitan statistical area (MSA), as defined by the Office of Management and Budget; or any jurisdiction inside of a MSA located in a county, borough, parish or land under the jurisdiction of an Indian Tribe with a population of no more than 50,000.

Non-rural applicants may be admitted on a space-available basis approximately 35 days prior to the program’s start date.



Attendees are responsible for all travel, lodging and meal expenses.

Registration Information

(1) Go to to create an account or login to an existing account; (2) Once logged in select “view/register for courses” under Basic User Functions at the left of the page; (3) select desired course and location and click on “search”; and (4) course options will populate below the box and then select “apply” to register for desired course.

Additional Information

If you need to contact us for additional information: E-mail us at or call 800-743-5382.

Training Dates

There are currently no training dates or other items within this program.