New Initiative Takes on Botnets

Industry estimates suggest that one in 10 computers in the U.S. is currently part of a botnet, a collection of computers whose security is compromised by malicious software so they can be used by attackers for criminal activity and espionage.

Today, the Obama Administration has announced new initiatives to combat botnets, believed to pose one of the biggest risks to internet security. Learn more about them at the Commerce website at


My email address is currently receiving sexually suggestive types of email which I'm having a hard time of stopping. I am a senior citizen and have no use for these types of trashy emails.

Hi, Carol, unwanted email -- often called spam -- can be annoying and offensive. You might consider checking to see whether your email provider offers a spam filter. Read our article about spam for additional tips.

my email was first hacked and spam was sent from my email and the same day my social security number was stolen and someone has been opening accounts in my name and a phony address was added to credit report! what a pain in the neck.

In the LA area many criminals are online to steal info to produce money off of honest working people's bank,credit,debit,account's ect... it's the gang new way of getting money for the drug market.

This initiative against botnet by the President is bold and comprehensive. My computer is full of 50 spam mails at a time from (sick spammers ) selling Viagra, Casino Betting , Dating Advertisements. This is just a distraction from the main target , phishing and identity theft. Cyber criminals are also active in planting hidden malwares which are almost impossible to remove. I am looking forward to a future free of these criminal activities that we confront everyday now.

After reading all these comments, I now realize that the emails I was getting was part of the identity theft that we experienced starting in February. Our bank, my Pay Pal account, my debit card, and my phone number were all compromised and had to be changed. And yes, what a pain in the neck!

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