An Internet Knock-off

Thanks to some malware that’s been around since last year, but that the FBI believes is still affecting more than 60,000 computers in the U.S., some people could find out on Monday that they no longer have internet access. If that happens, you’ll need to get help from your service provider to get back online.

It’s better to act now. If you want to make sure your computer isn’t infected, visit, a site run by The DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG), a group working with the FBI.

For more on avoiding, detecting, and getting rid of viruses and spyware, read Malware.

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Is this really true or is it another scam?

don't want online .gov . I want a normal yahoo email don't any protaction . I want spam also .
Thank you .

just curious if my PC is infected

I agree with the concept of disabling computers with a virus. I have been a victim of these maliciou intruders before and they are horrifying and frightening, plus almost impossibe to get rid of.

My question: There are those of us who have run all the tests, checked all the checkpoints, done al that is possible to make certian we are safe and clean -- but what if these indicators are wrong?

if there is any blogs or inaproperate sites PLEASE REMOVE THEM. thanks, I have known a few that are scams; and i've been RIPPED off by one. they refused to refund my money; in the amount of $145.00 they refunded me only $ 76.00. My debit card Account now informed me of this and closed out the old one and sent me a different one.

Is my computer infested with this virus?

My HP PC did get the virus and I tried and tried to get it off for weeks, I even took it to a computer store a few mos back and had it sterilized...but I didn't realize this stupid bug had turned of my Microsoft defenders protection.. I'm so angry. ! Urrrr!
I did did call my AT&T Internet service..and after 2 hrs. ( and being put on hold several times, for long periods of time...)' I still wasn't omline was out an extra 15.00 per have this special service for the next year...and I was told to buy a 'Tom Tom' get a friend who has vista (which no one has that i know). To load up the missing driver and this transfer will restore the deleted driver (that she made me delete),and wash-la I should be bug free and back online...
This is the stinkest customer service I have ever had!
I called HP computers, which sounded like he was in the same call center as the AT&T worker dumb dumb ..he only wanted 60,00'bucks...I kept saying he could guarantee me being back online...! I doubt it.
I think I'm done with PC's now.... Do u have any suggestions? Is it even worth it??
Can u direct me please...


Help was nice

Excusme, In my count of google appears a logotype of lock in green. And I can't enter of my count of twitter for writing, responding, retwiting and even sing for my count. Please Tell me How Can I do for fixing my problem.

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