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Training Materials

OCR PowerPoint presentations on the Privacy Rule, from the HHS National Conferences  in San Diego, Atlanta, New York and Chicago - February/March 2003

Introduction [PDF- 458K] 
Describes the statutory and regulatory background and purpose of HIPAA and a general summary of the principles and key provisions of the Privacy Rule (10 slides)

Covered Entity, Business Associate, and Organizational Options [PDF - 1.1M]
Explains and defines the type of entities that are covered by the Privacy Rule.  The term business associate is defined, as are the requirements of the Privacy Rule when they carry out health care activities and functions on behalf of covered entities.  Describes Privacy Rule provisions that address how entity organization may affect privacy functions. (28 slides)

Protected Health Information, Uses and Disclosures, and Minimum Necessary [PDF - 935 K]
Describes the health information that is protected by the Privacy Rule.  The presentation extensively describes the required and permitted uses and disclosures of PHI by a covered entity or its business associate, including situations where PHI may be used or disclosed without the individual’s authorization and when such authorization is required.  The Rule’s minimum necessary provisions and its requirements are explained.  (40 slides)

Research [PDF - 625K]  
Summarizes the Privacy Rule’s provisions and requirements related to research.  Describes when a covered entity may use and disclose PHI for research purposes and what research is affected.  The presentation illustrates the relationship of the Privacy Rule’s research provisions to other research rules, such as the Common Rule. (17 slides)

Administrative Requirements [PDF- 618K]
Describes the Privacy Rule’s administrative requirements for covered entities, such as policies and procedures, data safeguards, documentation and record retention, prohibition on retaliation, complaints to the covered entity, workforce training and sanctions.  (11 slides) 


Training material on this web site may be updated as needed to incorporate modifications made to the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Compliance and Enforcement [PDF - 567K] (14 slides)


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