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National Senior Citizens Law Center - NSCLC

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Washington, DC Office
1444 Eye St., NW Suite 1100

Washington, DC 20005

202-289-6976 (Voice, Washington DC Office)
213-639-0930 (Voice, Los Angeles, CA Office)
510-663-1055 (Voice, Oakland, CA Office )
202-289-7224 (FAX, Washington DC Office)
213-639-0934 (FAX, Los Angeles, CA Office )
510-663-1051 (FAX, Oakland, CA Office )


The National Senior Citizens Law Center is a non-profit organization whose principal mission is to protect the rights of low-income older adults. Through advocacy, litigation, and the education and counseling of local advocates, they seek to ensure the health and economic security of those with limited income and resources, and access to the courts for all. Since 1972, the National Senior Citizens Law Center has worked to promote the independence and well-being of low-income elderly and persons with disabilities, especially women, people of color, and other disadvantaged minorities. They work to preserve and strengthen Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and SSI, benefits programs that allow low-income older adults to live with dignity and independence. In addition, they work for greater access to the federal courts for all.

Print Resources

NSCLC offers a number of free publications for advocates and others who are interested in legal issues affecting low-income older adults. It also offers a newsletter for advocates which is available by subscription. Currently, it offers a single publication for consumers which can be downloaded for free from the organization’s website.

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