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Sample RSO Letter

Sample Recommendation Letter for a VISIT to FLETC

(Must be on Official Letterhead from U.S. Embassy Regional Security Officer or U.S. Federal Agency)


Branch Chief
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
International Capacity Building Branch
1131 Chapel Crossing Road, Building 681, room-258
Glynco, Georgia 31524

Dear Branch Chief:

Our office is providing a letter of recommendation for Mr./Ms. (applicant’s name), (title), of (list applicant’s agency, city and country) to visit the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) for the purpose of (insert purpose here).

This office has verified the professional status of the above individual, including his/her role or affiliation in law enforcement, as well as that the individual poses no health or security risk to the United States.  (Applicant’s name) has been appropriately vetted and no derogatory information was found.  The visit of this individual will be a benefit to the US Government because (list the benefits).

(If this official letter does not come from the closest U.S. Embassy where the applicant works, add the following statement.) The Regional Security Officer (name), at the U.S. Embassy in (location), who can be contacted at (list telephone number – include country code, email address, fax number and mailing address), is fully aware of this individual and concurs with this request for them to visit the FLETC.

If you have any questions, please contact me at (list telephone number, email address, and mailing address).