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OGPOE Personnel, Teams, and Functions

Policy Development and Implementation

  • Formulate, issue and revise (as needed) comprehensive, accurate and concisely written grants policy documents
  • Identify policy deficiencies and initiate policy updates as necessary
  • Facilitate the implementation of the Department’s high level grants policy framework
  • Interpret and facilitate the implementation of new OMB and federal statutory requirements
  • Facilitate open communication with OPDIVs and incorporate their feedback during the policy development process
  • Present the Department’s position at internal and Federal-wide policy workgroup meetings   

Financial, Compliance, and Oversight

  • Review Funding Opportunity Announcements for compliance with Department and OMB requirements
  • Conduct on-site reviews of OPDIVs
  • Manage the Department’s Suspension and Debarment process
  • Manage Compliance Supplement process
  • Provide direction to build grants infrastructure for new OPDIVs
  • Coordinate, facilitate, monitor grant closeout throughout HHS
  • Conduct management controls assessments for OPDIVs/Program Integrity

Outreach, Communication, and Training

  • Post policy documents on OGPOEs intranet and internet websites 
  • Provide leadership and manage Departmental grants forecast process
  • Represent the Department at internal and external speaking engagements, e.g. Congressional invites
  • Draft and issue responses to internal and external correspondence
  • Manage CFDA Process
  • Tribal Grants Liaison
  • Special initiatives, e.g. ARRA, ACA, etc
  • Implement and manage training certification program HHS-wide (pending)

For questions regarding the following Office of Grants Policy, Oversight and Evaluation functions, please send an email to