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Technical Community of Practice

Welcome to the Technical Community of Practice. This Community, through a variety of web resources and a network of practitioners, is intended to provide the guidance and support necessary to develop a robust information management system to support coastal and marine spatial planning.

This Community is envisioned to be the support network for GIS analysts, data developers and managers, IT staff, and researchers charged with establishing regional information systems for their respective regional planning bodies and developing and sharing data for the coastal and marine spatial planning process.

To achieve interoperability across the information management system, to promote the use of data standards and best practices, this Community serves as the access point for following:

Quick reference
  • Data Publishing and Exchange
  • Data Quality and Documentation
  • Communication Forum

To begin exploring these resources, click on one of the categories below.

Data Publishing and Exchange

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Common mapping service and data encoding standards, data publishing considerations, and relevant data access and exchange ontologies and semantics.

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Data Quality and Documentation

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Suggested metadata standards and requirements as well as community-supported content standards.

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Communication Forum

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Provide your thoughts and feedback and engage in an open forum for discussion.

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