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You can embed content in 3 easy steps:

  1. Log In
  2. Select Your Content
  3. Get Code

1. Log In

First, you will need to create an account to set up a content syndication feed. This will allow you to manage your content and customize your feed with your Web site's stylesheet.

Creating an account takes only a minute. Your information will not be shared with anyone at any time. Please read our Privacy Policy for full details.

Once you create your account, you can use your E-mail address and Password to log in and begin choosing your content.

2. Select Your Content

After you log in, you will see the Select Content page.

The Select Content page is where you can select content to add to your Content Syndication feed.

You may select individual topics, or, select the box next to the bolded category name to grab all the content for that category. Topics are divided into 12 category groups. You will notice that some topics appear in more than one category group. This makes it easier for users to find the information they are looking for.

To preview a topic, select the Preview Topic link. This will display a box that shows you the content as it appears on's Quick Guide to Healthy Living. The Preview Topic feature allows you to review the content. It is not intended to show you how it will display on your Web site.

Once you've selected your content, click the Save and Get Code button to proceed to the next step. You can return at any time to update your selections.

3. Get Code

The Get Code page has important features that allow you to customize and embed content into your Web site template.

First, you can preview your content selections by clicking the Preview your custom topic list link at the top of the page. The preview feature shows you how the content will display on your Web site. While still in Preview mode, you can select a topic link to display the content. The content displays in three segments: The Basics, Take Action, and Start Today: Small Steps. Click on one of these links to display the related content.

To customize your content feed, enter the full URL path of your Web site's stylesheet (example: The link must begin with http:// and end with .css. For the stylesheet to function properly, it must be publicly accessible, that is, the stylesheet must exist on a Web site visible to the public. The stylesheet cannot have a path to a development environment that is accessible only to those behind your firewall.

Once you are satisfied with the display of your content, you can copy your code and paste it into your Web site. The code you embed into your HTML page is an iframe. An iframe is an inline frame that contains another document, in this case, Quick Guide to Healthy Living content. Note: The default iframe code has a height and width of "100%." These dimensions must be changed in order for the content to display properly in your template.

There are three ways to embed code into your Web site:

  • Display all Categories and Topics together (Orange Box)

    Copying and pasting this code will display a list of all the categories and topics you've selected. This option works well if you're creating a new page on your site to feature a long list of syndicated content.

  • Display an Entire Category (Blue Box)

    Copying and pasting this code will display a specific category and its related topics. This option is good for targeting existing pages on your Web site that address specific health topics or themes. For example: If you have a section on your site aimed at Heart Health, then placing the Heart Health category on that page would be a good fit.

  • Display an Individual Topic (Green Box)

    Copying and pasting this code will display the topic only. This option can be used when you simply want to display a single topic on the page of your choice.

Once you've finished embedding code, and you're satisfied with the look and feel of the content, we suggest clicking through each of the links to ensure the content displays correctly across all categories and topics.

That's it! You can update your content selections at anytime by logging in to your account.