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Mammalian Models
Non-Mammalian Models
S. cerevisiae (budding yeast)
S.pombeS.pombe (Fission Yeast)
Neurospora (filamentous fungus)
D. discoideumD. discoideum (social amoebae)
C. elegansC. elegans (round worm)
FlyD. melanogaster (fruit fly)
ZebrafishD. rerio (zebrafish)
XenopusXenopus (frog)
Gallusgallus (chicken)
Other Model Organisms
Funding Opportunities
Process for Considering Support

NIH Policy on Sharing of Model Organisms for Biomedical Research
A User’s Guide to the Human Genome
Opportunity to Propose New Organisms for Sequencing
Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) Resource Network
Rate Setting Manual for Animal Research Facilities
Final NIH Statement on Sharing Research Data
Resource Sharing Guidelines
What's New

We hope this web site provides you with information about national and international activities and major resources that are being developed to facilitate biomedical research using the animal models listed here. For organisms not listed, web pages may be developed in the future.

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