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Trans-NIH Gallus Initiative
Major Resources

spacerGenome Resources
bullet Chicken Genome sequence (WASHU2)
bullet Chicken Genome Resources at NCBI
bullet Gallus GBrowse
bullet Songbird Genome Sequencing Project
bullet Zebra Finch Genome Resources at NCBI
bullet US Poultry Genome Project
Genome Browsers
bullet Ensembl
bullet NCBI
bullet UCSC
spacerEST Resources
bullet NCBI dbEST
bullet BBSRC ChickEST Database
bullet ARK Genomics
bullet University of Delaware
spacerUnigene Clusters
bullet NCBI Unigene
bullet G. gallus Gene Index (GgGI)
bullet Songbird(Taeniopygia guttata)
spacerGenetic and Radiation Hybrid Maps
bullet Chicken RH Web Server
spacerBAC Libraries
bullet Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute
bullet Texas A&M University Laboratory for Plant Genomics and GENEFinder Genomic Resource
bullet Chicken FPC
spacerFull Length cDNAs
bullet ARK Genomics
bullet Chicken Full-Length cDNA Database
bullet Affymetrix
bullet ARK Genomics
bullet 20,460 Feature Long Oligo Array
bullet FHCRC 13K cDNA Array
spacerOther Resources
bullet GEISHA In Situ Hybridization Gene Expression Database
bullet Chicken International Protein Index
bullet Chicken B cell line DT40 resources
bullet Avian Stock Resources
bullet Transgenic resources [contact Helen.Sang@bbsrc.ac.uk]
Gene Ontology
bullet AgBase
bullet Chicken GOA
Genetic Maps
bullet Chicken QTL Database
bullet US Poultry Genome Mapping Website


Community Websites
bullet AvianNET