Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative
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April, 2004
* Press Release: Scientists Compare Rat Genome With Human, Mouse Analysis Yields New Insights into Medical Model, Evolutionary Process
* Genome Sequence of the Brown Norway Rat Yields Insights into Mammalian Evolution. Nature: 428: pp. 493-521. 2004.
* The Rat Genome Sequencing Consortium has sequenced the Brown Norway rat. The assembled sequence covers more than 90% of the estimated 2.8 Gb genome and is available for download.
* The NIH Mammalian Gene Collection program has produced 648 full-length open reading frame cDNA clones, representing 633 non-redundant rat genes.
* The NIH Autoimmune Rat Model Repository and Development Center is nearing the end of the model development stage to produce banks of cryopreserved pedigreed embryos.
* December 30, 2003, RGD has released a new web site with many enhanced navigation features.
* Production of Knockout Rats using ENU Mutagenesis and a Yeast-Based Screening Assay. Nature Biotechnology, June 1, 2003.
* March 12, 2003, RGD Releases The Pied Piper, the newsletter for the Rat community.