Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative
Major Resources

* Retinal Degeneration Rat Model Resource -New
* Rat Resource and Research Center (RRRC)
* The NIH Autoimmune Rat Model Repository and Development Center
* Program for Genomic Applications: Consomic Rat Developments
* Entrez Gene
* Rat Map Viewer
* Programs for Genomic Applications
* Rat BAC End Sequencing Project
       Rat Databases
* Rat Genome Project at Baylor College of Medicine
* Rat Genome Database (RGD) - China mirror site
* Rat Genome Database - Medical College of Wisconsin
* Rat Genome Data - Jackson Laboratory
* Whitehead Institute - MIT Center for Genome Research
* University of Iowa Rat EST Project
* ARB Rat Genetic Database
* Rat Community Forum (RCF)
* Rat UniGene - National Center for Biotechnical Information,
National Library of Medicine, NIH
* RATMAP - Göteborg University
* The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
Oxford, United Kingdom
* Rat Genome Data - Jackson Laboratory - 1998
       Rat Genomic Tools
* Genetic Markers: MCW, Whitehead/MIT, NIH, Oxford, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company
* YAC Libraries: Whitehead/MIT, German Rat Genome Project
* PAC Library: Roswell Park Cancer Institute
* BAC Library: Roswell Park Cancer Institute
* Radiation Hybrid Panel: Cambridge/Research Genetics
* Radiation Hybrid Map: MCW, University of Iowa, Oxford
* Normalized Libraries: University of Iowa
* Rat ESTs: University of Iowa, TIGR
* Rat UniGene Clusters: NCBI
* Dense Mapping Cross: German Genome Project, MCW