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NCI Digital Media Guidelines

  • Updated: 05/03/2012

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Content Standards for NCI Websites

Uniformity in content style across NCI websites helps visitors to better understand and interact with information on the site. These guidelines are intended to be a quick reference for NCI web content owners using the Percussion Web Content Management System (WCMS) to create new content or edit existing content. The term "content" encompasses both within-page content (the words readers see on your page) and meta content (the metadata that help locate and describe your pages within the content management system and that help search engines find and display your pages).

In addition, the Word Style List is a list of words and phrases commonly used on NCI websites. The list shows preferred usage for all NCI websites (not just those managed in the Percussion WCMS) and is intended to serve as adjunct information to two editorial style manuals that should otherwise be considered authoritative:

Please send an e-mail to if you have questions or comments about the Digital Media Guidelines. An NCI OCE editorial group will review and respond to questions.