Innovation Advisors Program


Crucial to the efforts of transforming the healthcare system is supporting individuals who can test and refine new models to drive delivery system reform. The Innovation Center seeks to deepen the capacity for transformation by creating a network of experts in improving the delivery system for Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries.


The Innovation Advisors

US Map with locations of Innovation Advisors. Data presented is duplicated below.

From a pool of applicants, 73 individuals have been selected to be Innovation Advisors. 

In December 2011, the CMS selected 73 individuals (PDF) out of 920 applications through a competitive process to participate in the initiative. The first group of Innovation Advisors started their six-month intensive orientation and applied research period in January 2012.


Initiative Details

The Innovation Advisors Program will inspire dedicated, skilled individuals in the health care system to deepen several key skill sets, including:

  • Health care economics and finance;
  • Population health;
  • Systems analysis; and
  • Operations research

These individuals will:

  • Support the Innovation Center in testing new models of care delivery;
  • Utilize their knowledge and skills in their home organization or area in pursuit of the three-part aim of improving health, improving care, and lowering costs through continuous improvement;
  • Work with other local organizations or groups in driving delivery system reform;
  • Develop new ideas or innovations for possible testing of diffusion by the Innovation Center; and
  • Build durable skill in system improvement throughout their area or region.

Innovation advisors will work with the Innovation Center to test new models of care delivery in their own organizations and create partnerships to find new ideas that work and share them regionally and across the United States. The Innovation Advisors Program will select and develop as many as 200 individuals from across the nation.


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