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Social Media

AoA offers social media to provide users with important information on aging trends, AoA’s programs, health tips and other useful information. The term, “social media” describes new technologies that enable new social interaction and content creation on the Internet. Forms of social media include widgets, e-cards, RSS feeds, blogs, wikis and participation on social networking sites.

Healthy Aging E-cards

AoA’s e-cards provide inspirational messages with health tips. Send an AoA e-card to encourage a healthy lifestyle and share useful information.


Widgets are automatically updated applications that present content on a variety of topics. Add an AoA widget to your Website to keep up-to-date on important health and aging issues.

RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (RSS). RSS feeds enable you to stay informed on news that’s important to you. Stay informed on healthy aging issues by subscribing to AoA’s RSS feeds.

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