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Treasurer of the United States

Career: Treasurer of the United States
Date: February 23, 2011
Place: Department of the Treasury, Washington DC
Interview: Rosie Rios, Department of the Treasury

Video Transcript

So the Treasurer of the United States is actually the second oldest position in the administration right behind the President. So it's older than the Vice President and it's older than the Secretary of the Treasury. In fact, it's older than Treasury itself.

I oversee the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the U.S. Mint. So it's where we produced the coins. And where we produce the money.

Coin and currency really represent one of the last ways that we can preserve our history and our American tradition. Every note has a story. If you look on the back of currency, you'll see that there's a building and on the front, you'll see that there's a picture of a notable person in our history.

And same thing with our coins. So for example, our latest quarter series is the America the Beautiful Quarter series which highlights a different monument in each state.

So it's always fun to think about what is it that we can do to update and to change our coin and currency to reflect what's happening in the country.

You know a lot people learn math through money. And so, you see in a lot of schools they use coins. They use a lot of different tools to make sure that people kind of get the basics down about how math works. So that's another fun piece of the job as well.

Whether you want to run your own business, whether you want to be in the public sector like me, whether you want to run a non-profit whatever you choose to do with that foundation of math and business, it's going to be very, very helpful for you and especially for young girls and they don't hear it enough.

It is so important to get a good fundamental education and strength not just fundamental education but a strength in math because it really does work your mind in a way that's very balanced and it also provides a very good perspective on basically whatever career you're going to choose.

There's the Bureau of Engraving and Printing website which is moneyfactory.gov, and then there's the U.S. Mint website which is usmint.gov. There's also the Treasury website which is treasury.gov.

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