Visiting Inmates in Special Circumstances

This page provides basic information about visiting. It does not cover every situation. For the official regulations, see Program Statement (P.S.) 5267.07, Visiting Regulations.

Inmates who just entered prison (before a visiting list is established)

Usually, you can visit if you are an immediate family member (as verified in the inmate's Pre-Sentence Report). This also applies to inmates who transfer from one facility to another. You should call the prison beforehand to ensure you will be allowed to visit.

Sick inmates

If the inmate is in the prison's health services unit, the Medical Officer may decide not to allow a visit for health-related reasons. Sometimes inmates go to hospitals in the community. Usually only immediate family can visit, according to the hospital's policy. In either case, be sure to contact the prison before you visit.

Inmates in the special housing unit

Usually, you can visit an inmate in detention or segregation. The prison will set up special visiting procedures. Visiting may be restricted (or the visiting privilege might be revoked) if the inmate committed a prohibited act relating to visiting, or if visiting might threaten the order or security of the institution. Inmates can lose their visiting privileges, but only after a disciplinary hearing.