Strategic Planning

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) uses a strategic planning approach to management. Strategic planning is driven by the BOP's mission and vision statements, which are supported by seven broad correctional goals, each of which, in turn, is supported by specific objectives. The BOP's Executive Staff holds regular planning sessions to ensure that the agency's strategic goals continue to address the major issues and challenges that face the agency both today and into the future. The BOP's national strategic planning goals keep resources and efforts focused on activities that directly support the agency's mission.

National Strategic Planning Goals

Goal 1: Population Management

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) will proactively manage its offender population to ensure safe and secure operations, and work toward ultimately achieving an overall crowding level in the range of 15 percent.

Goal 2: Human Resource Management

The BOP will have a competent, diverse workforce operating within a professional work environment prepared to meet the current and future needs of the organization.

Goal 3: Security and Facility Management

The BOP will maintain its facilities in operationally sound conditions and in compliance with security, safety, and environmental requirements.

Goal 4: Correctional Leadership and Effective Public Administration

The BOP will manage its operations and resources in a competent and effective manner that encourages creativity and innovation in the development of exemplary programs, as well as excellence in maintaining the basics of correctional management. The BOP continually strives toward improvements in its effective use of resources and its efficient delivery of services.

Goal 5: Inmate Programs and Services

The BOP provides services and programs to address inmate needs, providing productive use-of-time activities, and facilitating the successful reintegration of inmates into society, consistent with community expectations and standards.

Goal 6: Building Partnerships

The BOP will continue to seek opportunities for expanding the involvement of community, and local, state, and Federal agencies, in improving the effectiveness of the services it provides to offenders and constituent agencies. The active participation by BOP staff to improve partnerships will allow the BOP to carry out its mission within the criminal justice system and to remain responsive to other agencies and the public. The BOP will develop partnerships to focus the shared responsibility for the establishment of a supportive environment promoting the reintegration of offenders into the community.

Goal 7: Counter-Terrorism

The BOP will provide for public safety and security by focusing on the prevention, disruption, and response to terrorist activities.