Volunteering For the Bureau of Prisons

How to become a volunteer

To become a volunteer, you should contact the institution closest to you. Please refer all inquiries to the attention of the Institution Volunteer Coordinator (IVC).

Citizen Volunteers

Bureau Director Harley G. Lappin congratulates FCC Coleman volunteer Rev. Ken Scruggs, who was selected 2006 Citizen Volunteer of the Year by DOJ.

  • Citizen volunteers provide a variety of services, such as:

    • Vocational training
    • Alcoholics Anonymous
    • Narcotics Anonymous
    • Spiritual counseling
    • Tutoring
    • Participate in mock job fairs
    • Assistance with marriage and family issues
    • Leisure-time activities

  • Their efforts supplement the services and programs offered by Bureau staff, thereby supporting community reentry efforts and promoting institution safety. For example, the Bureau's faith-based reentry programs use mentors to provide guidance to inmates in transition and promote accountability. The Life Connections/Threshold Program Mentor Training video is available here for review.

Inmate Volunteers

Dolls created at several facilities by inmates are donated to various charities.
  • The Bureau's community service efforts are conducted in cooperation with local municipalities, as well as community and faith-based organizations.

  • Carefully-selected inmates speak to students, juvenile offenders, drug treatment program participants, and members of community groups to give them a first-hand understanding of the consequences of drug use and crime.

  • Other examples of service include:

    • Training dogs for the blind
    • Designing hats from scrap material for terminally-ill children
    • Knitting and crocheting dolls and blankets for disadvantaged children or the elderly

BOP Staff Volunteers

Staff participate in a "Relay for Life" event.
  • BOP staff are involved in a variety of volunteer programs and activities in the community.

  • Numerous staff have been recognized by the Points of Light Foundation for their volunteer efforts in the Daily Points of Light Program.

  • Staff support and participate in activities of faith-based and community organizations, blood drives, a toiletries collection program for the homeless, and community-based crime prevention and drug intervention programs, just to name a few.

  • Staff also generously support the Combined Federal Campaign Program.