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  • Eating Healthy and Fitness - Find out how eating healthy can be fun! Games and Activities
  • Energy Equation - Food + Sleep + Physical Activity = Energy. Play these games to learn more.
  • Exercise Tracker - Use this chart to help you record your nutrition and exercise goalsĀ for the week.
  • Games and Activities - Small Step Kids - What can healthy eating do for you? Find out by playing around with these cool games and activities.
  • Health Science Education Tools - Health science learning site and play interactive games and activities; a fun way to help you make healthy choices.
  • healthfinder.gov Health Sites - Find links to help kids learn about health and safety issues.
  • MyPyramid.gov Blast Off Game - Kids can reach Planet Power by fueling their rocket with food and physical activity. Fuel tanks for each food group help you keep track of how your choices fit into MyPyramid. (Flash required)
  • Pass The Plate - Get the global spin on healthy eating. Check out this site for recipes, food facts, fun activities and more.
  • Physical Activity - BAM! - Learn how to overcome fitness challenges; use the Activity Calendar to create your very own personalized calendar.
  • Yoga Activity Card - BAM! - Yoga can strengthen your abilities by increasing flexibility, staying power (endurance), and your ability to focus.

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