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Online Safety

  • Encyclopedia Smithsonian - Information Technology - All kinds of collections containing information on computers, business machines, and communications devices.
  • FCC Kids Zone (Grades 4-8) - Do you know how cable tv works? Do you know what a satellite is and how it works? Find the answers here.
  • Friend Finder - Compete with our contestants for a spot on the Friend Finder All-Star List. Earn your spot by showing you're savvy when it comes to making friends online.
  • Games - OnGuard Online - Test your cyber smarts with one - or all - of our interactive quizzes on everything from spam and spyware to phishing and file-sharing.
  • NetSmartz Teens - There's a lot to deal with on the Internet - cyberbullies, privacy settings, gossip, and even creeps. These resources can help you navigate the Internet while guarding your reputation. Watch Real-Life Stories, hear what your friends are saying about cyberbullying, social networking and online gaming.
  • NSTeens Game - Learn about what information should not be included in your online profiles. Players help Tad clean up his messy profile by collecting the information that should be kept private while avoiding others who would dispense Tad's personal information all over school.

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