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Statistical Tools and Data

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Statistical Tools and Data for Researchers

Access NCI's Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) cancer databases, statistical methods, and software tools. The following are tools and databases for statistical research. Determine which is best for you based on:

Statistic - your statistic of interest
Data - whether you want to use your own data or data distributed through NCI
Type - whether this a cancer database, interactive internet tool to access statistics, or analytic software

SEER Data and Software

  • SEER Data
    Data: SEER Incidence 1973-2009
    Type: Research database provided in two file formats: text files that can be analyzed with your own statistical software; binary versions that can be analyzed in SEER*Stat
  • SEER*Stat Software
    Statistics: Incidence, mortality, survival, prevalence, case listings, and multiple primary standardized incidence ratios
    Data: SEER Incidence data, U.S. Mortality data, and your data
    Type: Analytic software
  • Joinpoint Models for Analyzing Trends
    The software takes trend data (e.g., cancer rates) and fits the simplest joinpoint model that the data allows.
    Statistics: Trends using joinpoint models
    Data: SEER or other data
    Type: Statistical software for the analysis of trends
  • Health Disparities Calculator (HD*Calc)
    Statistics: Measures of health disparities
    Data: SEER or other data
    Type: Analytic software
  • SEER-Medicare Linked Database
    Data: SEER Incidence data linked with Medicare records
    Type: Database
  • Analytic Software
    Software tools developed for the analysis and reporting of cancer statistics

Statistical Methods

  • Methods & Software for Population-Based Cancer Statistics
    The Surveillance Research Program has developed statistical methods and associated software tools for the analysis and reporting of cancer statistics.
    Features: Overview of statistical methods and complex modeling techniques that use SEER*Stat, Joinpoint, DevCan, and CanSurv, as well as software for spatial statistics.
  • Cancer Prevalence Statistics
    A detailed description of statistical methods used to calculate prevalence as well as links to prevalence statistics available on the Web.
    Statistics: Prevalence
  • Population-based Cancer Survival Statistics
    A detailed description of statistical methods used to calculate cancer survival as well as links to statistics and software available on the Web.
    Statistics: Survival
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    A central source of information about GIS and related resources, including GIS-based research at NCI.