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Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

Supplement Number 16, July 2009
College Drinking: New Research From the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s Rapid Response to College Drinking Problems Initiative

Special Editors: William DeJong, Ph.D., Mary E. Larimer, Ph.D., Mark D. Wood, Ph.D.


Dejong, W., Larimer, M.E., Wood, M.D., and Hartman, R.
NIAAA’s Rapid Response to College Drinking Problems Initiative: Reinforcing the Use of Evidence-Based Approaches in College Alcohol Prevention
Page 5

Hingson, R.W., Zha, W., and Weitzman, E.R.
Magnitude of and Trends in Alcohol-Related Mortality and Morbidity Among U.S. College Students Ages 18-24, 1998-2005
Page 12

Saltz, R.F., Welker, L.R., Paschall, M.J., Feeney, M.A., and Fabiano, P.M.
Evaluating a Comprehensive Campus–Community Prevention Intervention to Reduce Alcohol-Related Problems in a College Population
Page 21

Faden, V.B., Corey, K., and Baskin, M.
An Evaluation of College Online Alcohol-Policy Information: 2007 Compared With 2002
Page 28

Schaus, J.F., Sole, M.L., McCoy, T.P., Mullett, N., Bolden, J., Sivasithamparam, J., and O’Brien, M.C.
Screening for High-Risk Drinking in a College Student Health Center: Characterizing Students Based on Quantity, Frequency, and Harms
Page 34

Amaro, H., Ahl, M., Matsumoto, A., Prado, G., Mulé, C., Kemmemer, A., Larimer, M.E., Masi, D., and Mantella, P.
Trial of the University Assistance Program for Alcohol Use Among Mandated Students
Page 45

Cimini, M.D., Martens, M.P., Larimer, M.E., Kilmer, J.R., Neighbors, C., and Monserrat, J.M.
Assessing the Effectiveness of Peer-Facilitated Interventions Addressing High-Risk Drinking Among Judicially Mandated College Students Continued
Page 57

Ichiyama, M.A., Fairlie, A.M., Wood, M.D., Turrisi, R., Francis, D.P., Ray, A.E., and Stanger, L.A.
A Randomized Trial of a Parent-Based Intervention on Drinking Behavior Among Incoming College Freshmen
Page 67

Labrie, J.W., Huchting, K.K., Lac, A., Tawalbeh, S., Thompson, A.D., and Larimer, M.E.
Preventing Risky Drinking in First-Year College Women: Further Validation of a Female-Specifi c Motivational-Enhancement Group Intervention
Page 77

Cranford, J.A., McCabe, S.E., Boyd, C.J., Lange, J.E., Reed, M.B., and Scott, M.S.
Effects of Residential Learning Communities on Drinking Trajectories During the First Two Years of College
Page 86

Wood, M.D., Dejong, W., Fairlie, A.M., Lawson, D., Lavigne, A.M., and Cohen, F.
Common Ground: An Investigation of Environmental Management Alcohol Prevention Initiatives in a College Community
Page 96

Kaysen, D.L., Lee, C.M., Labrie, J.W., and Tollison, S.J.
Readiness to Change Drinking Behavior in Female College Students
Page 106

Larimer, M.E., Kaysen, D.L., Lee, C.M., Kilmer, J.R., Lewis, M.A., Dillworth, T., Montoya, H.D., and Neighbors, C.
Evaluating Level of Specificity of Normative Referents in Relation to Personal Drinking Behavior
Page 115

Oster-Aaland, L., Lewis, M.A., Neighbors, C., Vangsness, J., and Larimer, M.E.
Alcohol Poisoning Among College Students Turning 21: Do They Recognize the Symptoms and How Do They Help?
Page 122

Schaus, J.F., Sole, M.L., McCoy, T.P., Mullett, N., and O’Brien, M.C.
Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention in a College Student Health Center: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Page 131


Last reviewed: 6/16/2009

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