Publications From The Bureau of Prisons
State of the Bureau

This annual publication provides a summary of the year's activities, statistical data, and a facilities directory.

Every issue also typically includes:
  • Bureau of Prisons' Fundamentals
  • A review of the fiscal year's operations, programs, and services
  • Strategic planning objectives for the upcoming Fiscal Year
  • Community corrections information
Current Issue 2010 Issue
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About the Federal Bureau of Prisons

This publication provides a brief history of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, information on various inmate programs, and other general information about the Bureau. About the BOP

Legal Resource Guide to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (2008)

This publication is intended to serve as a guide to legal resources, including relevant statutes, regulations, program statements, and current case law on issues the BOP is facing today. It provides a general overview of the prison system, its services, and programs.

The statutes, regulations, program statements, and case law decisions referred to in this guide may have been updated since publication. Thus, it is suggested that readers conduct independent research and confirm cited legal references within when exploring Bureau matters.

Interaction of Federal and State Sentences document (.pdf)
Legal Resource Guide to the BOP (2008)

Federal Prisons Journal

Published from 1989 to 1994, this professional journal includes articles and interviews on Bureau programs, initiatives, correctional management, and history.

Fall 1992:
Includes articles on work programs for nonviolent offenders, reusing military bases, conflict resolution, prisons in Israel, and managing protective custody.
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Spring 1992:
Special issue on women offenders.
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Winter 1991:
Includes articles on Soviet prisons, working the morning watch, and ethics and prison administrators.
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Summer 1990:
Special issue on the BOP's 60th anniversary; includes articles on Alcatraz, drug treatment, and the Bureau's directors.
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Summer 1989:
Includes articles on suicide prevention, community treatment centers, and converting a college to a Federal Prison Camp.
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1994 Issue
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