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The Federal Executive Boards (FEBs), established by Presidential Directive in 1961, are a forum for communication and collaboration among Federal agencies outside of Washington, DC. The need for effective coordination among the field activities of Federal departments and agencies was then, and is still, very clear. Approximately 85 percent of all Federal employees work outside the National Capital Region. Federal programs have their impact largely through the actions of the field representatives of the departments and agencies. In addition, Federal representatives are the principal contact with the Federal Government for the citizens of the United States. The National network of 28 FEBs, located in areas of significant Federal populations, serves as the cornerstone for strategic partnering in Government.

The Federal Executive Boards were established on November 10, 1961. Please take time to view a video recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Federal Executive Boards, as well as a copy of President Barack Obama's message honoring the FEBs’ 50 years of service.

Status in Other Geographic Areas

Federal Executive Boards are located in cities which are major centers of Federal activity, and composed of the Federal field office agency heads and military commanders in these cities. Given a weather-related situation, the Boards provide information to the local agency head to assist that individual in making an operating status decision. Please note that each local agency head makes workforce status decisions for their agency employees. Federal employees in geographic areas outside of the Washington, DC area should check with their agency regarding the operating status of their duty station.


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