Central Office - Information, Policy, & Public Affairs (IPPA) Division

The Information, Policy, and Public Affairs ("IPPA") Division, overseen by Assistant Director Judi Simon Garrett, is committed to furthering the mission of the Bureau of Prisons by collecting, developing, and disseminating useful, accurate and timely information to BOP staff, the Department of Justice, Congress, other government agencies, and the public. The Division works with congressional offices in Washington, DC, and Members' state or district offices. The Division works closely with the Director to ensure that formal communications accurately reflect the Bureau's philosophy and positions and most effectively convey the Bureau's message. Additionally, IPPA is responsible for public and media relations, and preserving the BOP's history.

The Division is responsible for overseeing the Information Technology ("IT") activities of the Bureau of Prisons, including the development and support of agency software applications, the management and support of the Bureau's Wide-Area Network, the research and evaluation of new security-related technology and equipment, and the development and support of the BOP’s internet and intranet initiatives.

The Division provides oversight for the system-wide management of directives, forms, printing, and electronic publishing; the BOP Library; and social science research on Bureau issues.