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Recent Developments in the Law

This page provides comprehensive information regarding selected legal issues, including educational materials that summarize the source documents relating to legislation, litigation and rulemakings. For information on matters not listed here, please visit the pages comprising the Law and Regulations section of this website. Should you have questions, please contact the FEC's Information Division, toll free at 800-424-9530 or by e-mail at

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Selected Current/Recent Legal Issues:

Hybrid PACs: Committees that Maintain a Non-Contribution Account (Carey)

Independent Expenditure Committees - aka Super PACs (SpeechNow)


Corporate/Labor Expenditures (Citizens United)


Allocation of Expenses by SSFs and Nonconnected Committees; Funds Received in Response to Solicitations (EMILY's List)


Coordinated Communications (Shays III )


Federal Election Activity (Shays III )


Nonfederal Fundraising by Federal Candidates/Officeholders (Shays III )