Track FOIA Request
If you have previously submitted a FOIA Request, you may use the box below to check the status of your request. Please fill in your request number to obtain a status update.

The database is updated on a daily basis. The BOP's FOIA Service Center (FSC) is also available to requesters seeking additional information about the BOP's FOIA program: (202) 616-7750, however, the Service Center will not be able to provide any more information than is available via this status page. Specific questions or concerns should be addressed with the office assigned to process your request.

Note: The entire Bureau of Prisons website and Electronic Reading Room provides immediate access to frequently requested information. Other information may be publically available on other government websites such as FOIA.GOV.

Request Number: 

Request Num Status Office Assigned Date Received

Office Phone Number E-Mail Address
Central Office 202-616-7750 OGC_EFOIA@BOP.GOV
Southeast Region 352-689-7384 CCGREENE@BOP.GOV
South Central Region 214-224-3389 SCRO/
Western Region 925-956-9739 WXRO/
North Central Region 913-551-1004 NCRO/FOIA~@BOP.GOV
Northeast Region 215-521-7391 NERO/
Mid-Atlantic Region 859-255-6812 LEX/FOIA~@BOP.GOV